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Superpower Femininity T-Shirts

"My Superpower is Femininity"


The Lake of Love Foundation encourages you to embrace your personal superpower through your femininity and express it to the world with this custom designed T-Shirt. The purchase of this apparel helps to fund our foundation's mission and outreach programs.


- Thank you for your support and contribution.

"Welcome to The Lake of Love Foundation
where everything we do, is done in the name of...


What it means to love someone?

These words mean to have a strong feeling of closeness and care for someone. The most common word for this, and the word with the broadest meaning, is love. Love is used to describe all strong feelings of closeness and care between people. At the Lake of Love Foundation we aim to define love by our actions to serve those in need throughout our community.

What We Are 

The Lake of Love is a 501c(3)  non-profit organization serving the Greater Dayton Ohio Community

What We Do

We work with underserved organizations and individuals by offering support through our individual and collective network


Help support the Lake of Love with your in-kind contributions as we strive to serve the needs of our community's most underserved.

All the Latest Updates

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Join Our Team

If you believe in th power of love and are willing to show your love through service to others. Join our team of Volunteers and Supporters.

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